My philosophy is based on thorough planning & preparation together with a study of the site, prevalent conditions & a sound knowledge of suitable plants. My thoughts spring from an innate understanding, a degree of learning & knowledge developed through experience.

I believe there is no substitute for hard work. However a garden is organic, dynamic & metamorphosing, governing you if you let it, but in turn being itself governed by the seasons and the attendant climatic & environmental conditions.

A positive attitude to these facts will lighten your heart and make your labours the more gratifying. Try to learn from nature not about nature.

With a garden in a constant state of flux , many factors must be considered in tandem with the more aesthetic & practical design ideals when the planning stage is reached.

Many things can be bought in this day & age, but not time.

Time is a precious commodity, required for a garden to develop & fulfil its potential however well we nurture it.

Time should always be considered when planning & building a garden.

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